Friday, October 25, 2019

Morning Routine Made Easy with CariPRO

Hello everyone! Today I am so excited to share my new addition to my personal healthcare routine! I have been using manual toothbrushes since I was a kid until my hubby gifted me with the top of the line electric toothbrush a couple years ago.  I’ve used it for a while but went back to manual toothbrush, haha! I know, WHY???? 

A lot of my friends thought I was crazy for going back to manual when I have a modern and electric toothbrush that does the cleaning for me. But for me I didn’t like a few things, aside from the expensive replacement heads, I though the vibration was too much and loud for me. I thought all electric toothbrushes are all the same, but dear I was wrong! I was able to experience CariPROtoothbrush for a week and I just loved it! 

As a mom, I tend to get ready early in the morning, and I am always worried that the toothbrushes’ vibration/noise will wake my family from the next room. Oh not CariPRO, this toothbrush is so quiet, I don’t know how they made this quiet but it is. And the vibration works perfectly well but at the same time its not too harsh for my teeth and gums. I feel like my mouth is completely clean and unharmed, LOL. But seriously, it is! And on the other note, I love how the price for such an amazing product is so affordable and especially the replacement heads, they are so easy to put on and off! My other favorite part of this toothbrush is, it look so sleek and the head is not too big for me, I don’t know if its just me but the head and bristles fits perfectly around my teeth which makes my brushing more precise and easy breezy!! CariPro electric toothbrush definitely helped my morning and brushing routine to be quick, quiet and extra clean!

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