Friday, September 2, 2016

ColourPop Liquid Matte Lipsticks in Nudes | Beauty

Liquid Lipsticks ($6): ColourPop

Hey ladies! I just wanted to share my current favorite on liquid lipsticks! The ColourPop liquid matte lippies! I love affordable items and especially if they are even better than other branded items. I first heard about them when my sister mentioned it, so I went to check their website, I fell in love with they color palette; especially the pink nudes! So I went ahead and ordered clueless shade. While waiting for them (ordered a few other items) to arrive (it took a while on my 1st order to ship because they had too many orders), I was a little worried what their consistency is going to be like, if they are not pigmented enough, or even going to dry up my lips like other liquid lipsticks, but I was so wrong! When I got my first order, it glided smoothly on my lips! And it has that soft consistency and great coverage too! I wore it all day, and it didn't even dry my lips! Its matte, but it did not make my lips look chappy at all! I am so glad I discovered this brand! I had to order more and even set aside a few pieces for my sisters! This is my favorite so far and their shades fit my skin tone perfectly! So if your into liquid matte lippies, and have not tried this brand yet, I think you should! You will be happy about it! I read a lot of reviews about it comparing to MAC ones, and Kylie cosmetics. I have never tried the Kylie liquid mattes but I have tried the MAC liquid back then, and I can say that this one is on the top of the list, especially for only $6!


  1. All these beautiful colors! I love the color Solow.

  2. Colourpop is really affordable and totally worth it! I bought the Bumble shade last month and I'm totally enjoying it!

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