Monday, April 25, 2016

Denim x Denim

Jacket: Burberry | Top: Vince | Jeans: Asos | Shoes: Chanel

I cant believe this post have been sitting on my draft for a while now. Never had the chance to update my blog these past few weeks, which I should have. Anyways, this was taken a few weeks ago when spring weather was finally kicking in Minnesota.  I remember that day, my family and I decided to just have a chill day and we went to try out a Cuban CafĂ© for lunch in Minneapolis which was really good! After that we strolled around the nearest park so my son can play around and I think he might have picked up all the rocks on the ground that day! Ha ha ha! My son is on his stage where he is so busy checking little things around him and picking them up and tossing them away. LOL Such a funny little guy! We have so many photos of him picking up rocks and my husband loved capturing every moment and I love watching both of them J

Hope everyone’s day is going well and I will try my best to keep up with my blog (fingers crossed xx)

Monday, April 4, 2016

Plaid on Spring

Vest: ZARA | Sweater: Rag & Bone | Shirt: Madewell | Jeans: Forever21 | Shoes: Zara | Bag: (Old)