Sunday, August 30, 2015

Minnesota State Fair Part 1

One of the things I look forward to on summer is STATE FAIR!!! Yes! I love State Fair! The ambience is so alive and busy; seeing other families and group of friends hanging out and having a good time is wonderful, and it makes me feel like a kid and I enjoy the moment more. My husband I love trying new food from different stands (yes, we left the house hungry! LOL)  and rides, although this year we have not tried any rides/games because our son is so active running around the fair and does not like to stay at one place, we thought we will try on rides when he is a little order. My son’s face is full of excitement when he saw rides and toys for sale! I just love hanging out there. We started going to State Fair 5 years ago when my husband and I just got married that year, and I really loved it! It reminds me of the little carnival night games (smaller version) at my grandma’s place when they have their yearly festivities in Philippines. But we never get to go there every year because of work or no time. So last year when my son was 1, we went back and we decided to make this as our family tradition every summer; something for our child/kids to look forward to every summer. That’s why when I saw a raffle for State Fair tickets I quickly entered and won 4 tickets! That saved us $40($10 per ticket)!!! So, we get to go to State Fair twice this year! Yay!!! We went on a weekend and we can’t wait to go back in few days. There is so much food to try on, and because we’re coming back, we will try the other food we missed! We did not get to take photos of the yummy stuff because we were so pigging out and totally forgot to take pictures ha ha! I will try to take photos on our next trip.

It is so funny, we bought him a cotton candy and he did not like it! LOL So hubby got to eat the whole thing.

As soon as Brayden saw the truck art, he ran to it and played  for a while! 

These goodies are looking yummy! 

In the State Fair, there are a lot of booths of different companies, organizations and even colleges/schools!

So Brayden saw this huge propeller and did not want to leave! Haha 

So we went on a Saturday, and it was super packed (its hard to move around with a kids stroller)! We were always there on weekdays back then so this is our first time coming in on a weekend. And honestly, I think we will stick on weekdays, its less busy and its easy to maneuver around since we will be bringing a stroller.

My Outfit: Top:Zara | Jeans: Paige | Bag: Marc Jacobs | Sandals: Valentino, similar here(below $20), similar here
Brayden's Outfit: Top: Zara | Shorts: H&M | Shoes: TOMS


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  2. Adorable pictures!
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  3. beautiful photos, you are so lovely!

  4. Beautiful pics and wow, that top is super lovely...not to mention your little cutie is so beautiful, bless him !

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  5. Beautiful photos!You both look absolutely adorable! I absolutely love the fair!

  6. How adorable that little guy is! Love your top paired with the white pants! Such a great, effortless style!
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  7. Love the top and how perfect it matches with the white pants - and for sure the cute little boy, too <3
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    1. Thank you and would love to support each other :)

  8. beautiful photos! Looks like such a fun time!

  9. Your son is adorable! Love your braids! :)

  10. your pictures are so lovely and the fair looks like so much fun! x

  11. We just went to our state fair too! It was such a fun time and the food is our favorite part too! Your pictures looks fun!

    xo Angela

  12. You guys look so cute and it looks like a wonderful family day! Love that the cotton candy is as big as he is
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  13. Brayden is such a cutie! LOL at the picture where he looks like he's had enough of the cotton candy and is handing it to someone else!! Precious.


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  15. You guys are so cute together!
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  16. awww....the kid is so adorable.....lovely pictures....
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  17. gorgeous top, looks so pretty on you!

  18. I have never attended a state fair but would love to. I am glad you had so much fun!

  19. Great pictures of the Minnesota state fair. Your little one is darling.I bet he got so excited about all the toys and rides there. Loving your braided hair and pretty outfit. :)
    Michele xx

  20. Looks like you had an excellent time, loving the outfit!

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