Monday, May 25, 2015

Skin Care Routine 2015

Today, I’d like to post something about my skin care routine. I have tried many creams and facial soaps, until I tried these items. I have a combination of normal to oily skin and some acne, so when I try or find a cream that I think works for me (I had to try them for at least a month to see results) I stick to it.
I discovered La Mer line this past few months, I know they are very expensive and they are luxury line, but for me who have insecurities with acne, I try to indulge on something that will benefit me. I have the LaMer Soyeuse moisturizer(2 oz.), it is very creamy and light weight, the scent is not overwhelming and not perfumy as well. The scent is faint and I actually like it. When I started using this cream, I noticed that my face is extra smooth and soft; I also noticed that when I apply them, my pores look smaller. By the way, this cream goes a long way, so I think it’s worth the price because I have been using this for a month and I still have a lot left (I apply it day & night). I also have the La Mer Cleansing oil, I use this to remove my makeup and it works very well. It is not very foamy compare to other facial soaps.  I also use sponge or brush when I was my face; I use the facial brush at least 2x a week and the sponge almost every day. Every morning, I use Cetaphil(you can find this on drug stores) because it is very gentle to my skin and also my dermatologist recommended it. After I wash my face, I apply Mario Badescucucumber toner day and night and it makes my skin feel fresh, and after I apply my toner, La Mer moisturizer comes next and then the La Mer Eye concentrate(for dark circles, also the one in photo is a sample size) and I finish it off with my La Mer lip balm, which I love because it works great for me. It keeps my lips soft and look hydrated.

I am looking to try some of La Mer’s product someday; I think I have found the line that works for my skin. Over all, my skin has improved well and I am sticking to my routine.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Plaid on Spring 2015

It was a fun day to walk around the Loring Park in Minneapolis. It was a little bit cold, so I have to make sure we are all bundled up to be able to enjoy our walk. It was a quiet morning, so the park was so peaceful, a lot of geese, squirrels and birds; so my son really enjoyed watching them and my husband also enjoyed taking pictures.  I love to visit downtown Minneapolis sometimes, especially when it is not so crowded, I love watching the tall buildings and historic structures.  Since my school is in downtown, every time my class is over, we’d like to make a quick trip to Nicollet mall and enjoy the busy streets, go to our favorite snacking spot at Pot Belly in IDS building! I can’t wait for summer to finally come; I am so looking forward to try food trucks in Downtown now that the weather will be warmer.
So, let’s talk a little bit about my OOTD, the Plaid I’m wearing is from Rag & Bone,  I have been wearing  this a lot since fall as I love plaids!! Also my vest is from Zara and this is a favorite of mine, aside from I always get a compliment how cute it is or how it compliments my skin tone, it is also light weight and have a waist band! Cute!! Anyway, the rest of my outfits are way old items, I have probably mentioned it on some of my older posts.

Vest from Zara
Sweater from Rag & Bone
Shoes from Tom's
Watch from Michael Kors

Bray's Outfit:
Sweater from Baby Gap
Swat Pants from Zara Kids
Sneakers from Nike 

Stroller from Stokke

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Comfort & Casual

Outfit Details:
My shirt from Bailey44
My leggings from Under Armour
My espadrilles from Chanel ; similar Here
Handbag is old but similar HERE

Bray's Top from Baby Gap
Jeans from Zara
Moccasins from Etsy

Finally spring semester is over! I get to relax my brain from all of the school work and be able to spend more quality time with my family. This was the last day at school and I was just picking up some graded homework and what’s better to end the school year than bringing my husband and son to school with me. It was a beautiful day; the weather was perfect and we were able to walk around the park. I love watching my son as we walk; his full of wonders and wants to play with everything he sees. What a precious miracle he is! Also, I am graduating this semester with a diploma in Apparel Design!! Woohooo! Thanks to my husband and family who are my inspiration all through out this journey. I can’t wait to start making my clothing designs/visions come to life!