Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Those who look behind will never see beyond.

Have you ever tried to go to the mall and planned on not buying anything just strolling around and you see one thing that you just got to have it? Yes, I did!
This dress caught my attention as I walk pass H&M boutique. It was in a hanger display right in front the store. I love how they add an exotic print but at the same time it’s no too much. This dress is super lightweight and soft. It comes with a pink ribbon that should be placed around your waist, but in my case I decided to put it on my hips to give an illusion of a skirt. I love how it turned out.
With the printed dress, I thought of Boho style or Tribal so I paired it with my wooden bracelet and gold bracelets and stack them up and I paired it with my big feather earrings. No necklace in this outfit because with the print and the big earrings, it will be too much. I want to keep the attention to my dress.
I finished the outfit with my classic sandals from Zara. I love how it has thin straps; it gave my outfit an elegant look yet tribal.


  1. The Zara sandal is beautiful and so is this look! You look lovely too! Love the scenery as well. The dress has a unique print on it, and it looks great!


  2. you look beautiful!! love the exotic print too! wow! and thanks so much for your sweet comment too miss xx

  3. Not surprised that you couldn't pass this by! The print is so pretty, and you look beautiful.