Saturday, June 30, 2012


Who loves maxi skirts? I do!
Yes, it’s finally summer and its scorching hot! But I will still take it over winter, LOL.  My outfit of the day is composed of a grey tank top from Zara, maxi skirt from Forever21, heels from Myhotshoes and bikini top from H&M.
What I love with this outfit is that, it is very feminine yet it keeps you cool. I did add a pop of pink through wearing my pink bikini top because the rest of my outfits are dark or plain colored. I also love the details of my skirt, it is a plain cut but high waisted and it has mini heart decorations.
This outfit is a good substitute for a dress if you are tired of all the dress you have. If you have long skirts, definitely grab it and rock it by pairing it with cute tops and chic heels.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hawaiian Love

Looking for modern Hawaiian theme dress? This is it!
I love this dress so much! Every time I see this it makes me happy. Love all the colors and print details. The biggest detail that I love in this dress is how it looks so conservative in front yet when you face back; there is a big opening on the back to show a little flesh. I wore this dress on a hot 95F day in MN and its perfect!
It has a thicker cloth so it is something that will last for a long time. When you shop for dress, do you look at the quality too? Or is it just me?
I completed this outfit with my old classic sun glasses which I got for a cheap price and the bag from Old Navy. The yellow pumps are from Sugarfree shoes.
Pairing this dress with high heels is optional; you can definitely pair it with flats and wedges.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Those who look behind will never see beyond.

Have you ever tried to go to the mall and planned on not buying anything just strolling around and you see one thing that you just got to have it? Yes, I did!
This dress caught my attention as I walk pass H&M boutique. It was in a hanger display right in front the store. I love how they add an exotic print but at the same time it’s no too much. This dress is super lightweight and soft. It comes with a pink ribbon that should be placed around your waist, but in my case I decided to put it on my hips to give an illusion of a skirt. I love how it turned out.
With the printed dress, I thought of Boho style or Tribal so I paired it with my wooden bracelet and gold bracelets and stack them up and I paired it with my big feather earrings. No necklace in this outfit because with the print and the big earrings, it will be too much. I want to keep the attention to my dress.
I finished the outfit with my classic sandals from Zara. I love how it has thin straps; it gave my outfit an elegant look yet tribal.


This light weight fabric and flowy dress is currently one of my favorite dresses for summer. I bought this dress from Zara, which is one of my favorite clothing store because their style stands out for me and something that I would wear. This navy blue dress has a very simple details yet chic. Any women can wear this and will feel like goddess. I like the rope detail that goes around the neckline and also this dress goes with a mocha/brown colored belt but I replace it with my orange belt since I want a little pop of color.
I paired this dress with my basic sandal which is also from Zara. I want the attention to the dress so adding a simple detailed sandal will bring the people/viewers’ attention to the dress.
I finished the outfit with my gong necklace that I bought from Love21. What I love about this necklace is that, it is simple yet a head turner. I love the big round yellow gold pendant. And I am also wearing a star ring that I got a long time ago.

This outfit is perfect for summer, romantic date and just hanging out with girlfriends. If you want to  wear this dress in special occasions you can definitely add more accessories like stacking up bracelets and watch. And complete the look with a clutch.

This dress is currently also available in white and orange, check it out.

If you are not into halter but love the detail of this dress, you can check out these dresses from Zara as well, they are very similar.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

You Make Me Spin of Happiness!

The top I am wearing has a very lightweight fabric which I love and perfect for warm weather. When I first seen this on eBay, I really liked it and I just can’t pass. I love the colors and it has kimono style or a modern version of kimono.  I paired it with a basic black tights since it is too short for a dress, unless if you wear this over your bikini.
Let’s talk about Grettta the platforms I am wearing. I love the height which is 5” and 1.75” platform. The platform plays a big role in making your feet comfortable from these 5” sandals. I love Grettta! This is one of my current favorites and the design is pretty basic, yet it’s classic. The style will probably stay forever in my opinion.

Grettta, Steve Madden
Top, eBay