Friday, May 25, 2012

Nothing's like Home

On my week off, I decided to go out of town. I and my husband decided to visit the relatives up north in MN. It is a two hour drive from our place. It is a small town where his parents grew up and so as his grandparents. What I love about small towns is that, it is very peaceful, quiet, away from the city, your surroundings are all nature and the people are so warm and very hospitable. It was a great vacation for us.
While we were there, I had a chance to capture beautiful things. Every time I see the pictures I took, it reminds me of summer. When I was young, me and my family will always visit my grandmother’s place and stay there for a few days and I remember the farm, animals, good food, fresh air and especially the happy memories.
All photos are taken by me. Please ask permission from me if you would like to use it.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Black and White

Lately I have liked long skirts/maxi skirts for the fact that they are so comfortable and flowy. The one I am wearing in here is from Forever21. It has a chiffon fabric so it is very light weight and has tiny heart decorations. I paired it with white top from H&M and finished it with my nude pumps. This outfit reminds me of the old day where women wear long skirts and with a corset type top, but the twist with this one is that is being upgraded and wearable. It is a very soft and sweet feminine outfit.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Plaid in Skirt/Pants

When we think of plaids, we think of cowgirls, but plaids are actually very fun and can be sexy or chic. There are a lot of ways to wear it; you can definitely play with it or dress it up.

One of my outfits here is my plaid that I paired with boots from Aldo. This look is perfect for cooler days and it looks and feels so comfortable. And I got the plaid from Mossimo.

To look more dress up, I paired it with a pencil skirt from Charlotte Russe and yellow pumps from Sugarfree. It transformed the plaid into something new and chic.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nail Polish Fever

Recently, I have been eyeing on mint and nude nail polish colors! For the past few weeks, I have not worn any nail polish at all because I got bored with my old colors that I got at home. I was not looking really, and I was not planning to apply nail polish anytime soon at all, since tonight, I went to Walgreens Pharmacy ($1.99 each) to pick up feminine stuff and these beautiful colors welcomed me right in front of the door. First look, I was hooked. I have to buy itJ. So I picked Mint Apple and Base Coat colors. When I got home, I tried the mint apple and I am so happy. It complements my skin tone and the color is so cool to the eyes. Also, it is a good alternative compared to more expensive brands. For $1.99 I think it is worth it.J

I will post an update when I try the Basecoat color.

Definitely a happy purchase!