Sunday, April 22, 2012

Good Looking Sandals

As I was strolling around the mall, I stumble to Nordstrom and found this gorgeous sandal. The color says it all, SPRING! I unconsciously picked this sandal off from the rack and tried it on. The moment I slip this on to my feet, I literally fell in love with it! The thin straps are on trend right now in fashion for everyday outfit and the orange/tangerine color is a plus! The straps are perfect fit to me and it is super light. The brand is BCBG and as we all know, they make good stuff! It is not cheap, but the quality is great. It will last for a long time for me, so it is worth it! It was definitely my lucky day because it is the last pair in store! I was actually not looking for any sandals at all, but when I saw the orange good looking awesome gorgeous sandals, I thought, “I need this!” 


  1. i LOVE these!!! great find!!!

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  2. These are too cute!!


  3. you're right, the bright orange colour is perfect for the warmer season! these are so cute and I'm digging the thin straps as well :)

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE these sandals!!! omg gorgeous!!! xoxo