Saturday, April 7, 2012

Butterfly Kisses

As of right now, this top is one of my favorites! I love the colors on it and at the same time it is not overdone.

The whole outfit is pretty casual. Anyone can wear it everyday especially to school. 

There are times that I have the urge of wearing heels, especially this one I'm wearing right here. It is very classic and simple. Black sandals can't go wrong with any outfits. 

It's a beautiful day in MN, USA. 

The cloth of this top is polyester, it is lightweight and soft. This is perfect for a hot weather, it is not thick at all. 

This bag is cool! (I think :)) It is perfect for school day and at the same time it is not boring. It has the gold chains with the brand letters on it hanging and my favorite part is the strap. It has two type of straps, you can either do a cross body bag or simply a shoulder bag. I love cross body type, the balance is perfect. 

The back of this top is gorgeous!It is very feminine and cute.

So if you don't want to put your hair up, you can definitely put it down and be chic at the same time. Either way, it is pretty!

Butterfly top, Zara
Basic Sandal,Zara
Juicy Couture Bag, Macy's


  1. A visit from IFB. It's a nice top you've got here. I'm following you now on bloglovin and GFC. Hope to see you around my blog and do the same. I don't have GFC but Facebook.
    xoxo from Paris

  2. such a pretty print! and love the shoes
    love emma

  3. Hello, such a great look, and i love your bag.

  4. Nice shirt is awsome !! I loved your blog!

  5. Your top is so pretty, I love the butterflies and those shoes are just amazing! I love zara shoes :) now following.

  6. Great outfit :) You look really cute

  7. Lovely shoes!!!!!! and nice shirt, amazing look!!! i´m following you, follow me on
    i hope you like it, kisses!!!!
    Caro from Buenos Aires.-